Statue of Apollon in Ischia Island (Italy)

Statue of Apollon: archetype of the transpersonal and the beauty


Transpersonal psychology can also be a unique opportunity to meet with the worlds of other people, to develop their self-perception and together find their own inner self.


Quite regularly each year seminars and workshops are set on a specific theme, experimenting and techniques and methods of work or transpersonal healing therapies to research and recreate the emotional balance between the individual and the universal, and focusing on the relation between the wellness of the body and the energy of the mind.






Here in the video you can see
an example of how the work is done.






The location

An essential part of our workshops is to meet at a place which provides the necessary detachment and relaxation, as, for example, the beautiful natural setting of the island of Ischia (Naples, Italy), which has hosted many workshops in recent years (look here for the list and the details).
The Sant'Angelo promontory in Ischia Island (Italy)
Regularly, our students participate in our laboratories to meet new challenges and knowledges, in search of their path of life and sense of transpersonal.