How transpersonal therapy heals and transforms

Transpersonal Psychotherapy makes it possible to understand life as it is, to be in the present moment and encounter ourselves within our own precious souls; no matter what is happening in any given moment. We propose to briefly explore the transpersonal by using the same wisdom passed down to us by ancient spiritual researches of Eastern and Western culture. These philosophies are still relevant today, stimulating new methods and ideas which improve not only our spiritual and physical well being but our intellectual lives as well. As Ken Wilber says:

“To say the same thing from a slightly different angle, in recognizing a depth in one’s identity that goes beyond one’s individual and separate being, a person can more easily go beyond his individual and separate neuroses”

(Wilber, 1977).


In this sense the transpersonal view is also a path and a portal to the realization of our essential being – the Self-realization; the pure awareness, that is – in the language of quantum physics – the unified field.


The techniques used individually in the workshop are very simple:

  – focusing on the body-mind energy field in your life

  – Reflecting on gaining insight into present challenges;

  – Incubating self-perception, inner images and personal myths;

  – Restoring and transforming balance in your life through emotional conflict;

  – Restoring a sense of participation and communion with others:

  – Kindling a personal care of self and of sacredness and mission in life;


Once you began using –individually also – the practice of transpersonal psychology in your life you became more quiet, centered, emotionally balanced each day; and this will be remarkable for you and for everyone you meet.

This is the real meaning of this new vision of the transpersonal: that it is really a “perennial psychology”, becoming more effective and salutary every day. And you are welcome on this eternal path.