Welcome to ITRE:
Institute for Transpersonal Research of Rome (Italy)

ITRE – Institute for Transpersonal Research – is a no profit association founded in Rome in 2011 in order to promote scientific studies, researches and comparison within the transpersonal operators community. It also provides an ideal platform for scholars and anyone interested in transpersonal, aside from the intellectual field of provenience.


The institute was founded on the principles of transpersonal psychology with a psycho-spiritual approach to therapy. This approach provides a deeper understanding of human nature through the Perennial Philosophy, a legacy of the ancient wise traditions : Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sufism etc.


Our group comes together to discuss and realise the latest research on spiritual development with new techniques for treating anxiety, depression, anger, and conflict emergencies. The Body-mind connection and higher states of consciousness are also a focus of our work in accordance with the holistic vision of human nature that recognises the importance of integrating transpersonal with physical, emotional and mental reality. 


ITRE does not relate to any religious or politic belief, but receive any spiritual vision of the world if it provides respect of the human being and his inalienable rights.



For further informations :  itre.transpersonal@gmail.com