Arturo De Luca Ph.D Psy.D GGT


Projection on the ego level is very easily identified: if a person or thing

in the environment informs us, we probably aren’t projecting; on the other hand,

if it affects us, chances are that we are a victim of our own projections”




I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of life. Since I was a young man I have made my life’s work the exploration of the central themes of the human psyche: inner conflict, human suffering and the difficulties inherent in the search for self-discovery. Even though trained as a doctor and a psychologist, I have always been drawn to ancient and oriental philosophies, as well as other non-traditional forms of therapy, such as Tibetan medicine, oriental meditation, and shamanic practices.



What is my philosophy and my humanistic approach


In my therapy I work to integrate the separate realms of consciousness – energy, body, emotional level and higher Self– with everyday life. As a psychologist and researcher with a earlier career as University professor, I bring significant experience and well developed skills in the following therapeutic approaches: analytic psychology, reichian therapy, Holotropic breathwork, music therapy and Tibetan/shamanic practices. Other areas of post-graduate training include transpersonal psychotherapy, treatment of depressive/anxiety disorders and forensic psychology (I also hold a degree in Law).


In addition to traditional models of therapy, I utilize a range of highly effective experiential approaches that – through a transpersonal perspective – help clients to gradually achieve significant insights in life.


These approaches aim at engendering creativity, self empowerment and assertiveness by means of various techniques and spiritual tools:


  •    • Transpersonal Breathwork (according to Holotropic work and Tantra)
  •    • Meditations and creative exercises with colour, sound and psychodrama
  •    • Music therapy with sound, dance and empowerment with sacred music (East and West)
  •    • Game therapy with dance, painting and masks


This can be an exhilarating experience for those who deem themselves ready for the challenging journey toward self-discovery. You can obtain other useful information by viewing the images and videos contained within this site.


Thank You!


Arturo De Luca, Ph.D Psy.D, GGT